10 Reasons To Fall in Love With South Omaha

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Here are 10 Reasons to fall in love with Omaha and the South Omaha Community!

Growing up in South Omaha has been a huge blessing for my family and friends! 


Explore the many flavors of South Omaha, home to ethnic cultures from across the globe.
Polish, Czech, German, and Mexican history lives on through the food, art, and culture of the

Historic 24th Street 

Walk South 24th Street and enjoy authentic cuisine at dozens of family-owned restaurants and
explore folk art and pottery shops that line this historic area. Pick up an 8-layer torte at the
Lithuanian Bakery, or grab a Yo-Yo, a traditional Latino pastry at the International Bakery. From
historic buildings and public art to ethnic festivals and live music, South Omaha's rich heritage is
worth a visit. This iconic Omaha neighborhood is rich in culture. Come check it out for yourself! 

Award-Winning Schools 

Wonderful schools such as South High Magnet and Metro Community College have educated so
many families for multiple generations.

Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life, near 24th and L streets, serves as a welcome to this historic area of Omaha.
The symbols that hang from the branches represent themes that are cross-cultural and are
shared in the design motifs found in artwork and architecture associated with South Omaha.
The medallions include two separate images of birds, pottery, leaves, an apple, a sun face, and
a yin/yang face.

Henry Doorly Zoo 

Omaha is home to one of the world’s best zoos. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is
more like a biological park, dedicated to conservation around the globe and home to the
world’s largest indoor desert, the world’s largest glazed geodesic dome, and North America’s
largest indoor rainforest. 

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge 

Hi, I'm Bob! Another renowned Omaha attraction is the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. Most people call
him Bob. He’s a 3,000-foot bridge floating over the Missouri River linking more than 150 miles
of hiking and biking trails. Bob also connects Nebraska and Iowa – in fact, standing on Bob’s
state line and taking a photo is called “Bobbing.” The best part about Bob is that he has Instagrams,
tweets, and vlogs!

A Balloon Bomb in Omaha 

In 1945 during WWII, a Japanese balloon bomb exploded over Omaha’s Dundee
neighborhood. Very few of these Japanese bombs made it that far inland. Today, a plaque
commemorates where the bomb exploded and sits surrounded by the neighborhood’s hot
restaurants, bars, and shops.

The Reuben Sandwich 

The Reuben sandwich was invented in Omaha – we don’t care what New Yorkers say! During
a late-night poker game at the Blackstone Hotel, a local grocer was asked to “ante-up” and
create a new dish. The available ingredients resulted in an American menu staple.


Omaha is at the forefront of the farm-to-fork movement – of course, this is farm country. In
fact, the nation is taking notice of the city’s fresh fare. Omaha is home to some of the top 100
certified restaurants on the Good Food 100 List – Dante and Kitchen Table are recognized for
their strong commitment to sustainable sourcing.

College World Series 

The NCAA Men’s College World Series has been an Omaha summer tradition for 60+ years.
Fans from across the nation flock to see the best in college baseball battle for the championship

Olympic Swim Trials 

Omaha, or Swim City, USA, played host to the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials for four consecutive
trials through 2021.

Omaha's Music Scene

Omaha’s music scene has thrived since the ‘30s. Currently, Saddle Creek Records dominates
the indie rock world with influential names such as Bright Eyes, Cursive, Rilo Kiley, Azure Ray
, and more. Hot spots to catch cool music include the Slowdown, The Waiting Room, Reverb
Lounge and Sokol Auditorium.

Fortune 500 Headquarters Call Nebraska Home

Four Fortune 500 Headquarters call Omaha home:

Berkshire Hathaway (#3) - Warren Buffett’s multinational holding company.
Union Pacific Railroad (#141) - The largest U.S. rail network serving 23 Western states.
Mutual of Omaha Insurance (#337) - Known for its popular “Wild Kingdom” TV and now
web series.
Kiewit Corporation (#339) - Construction, engineering, and mining.One of the world’s
largest employee-owned companies.

Warren Buffett

You can’t talk about business in Omaha without mentioning one of the world’s richest
people, billionaire Warren Buffett. Buffett continues to call Omaha home and brings thousands
of shareholders to the city for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting.

All these unique reasons South Omaha is so historic to this city, is even more reason start a new
business and start a family in South Omaha.

Author: Gloria Allen

Contact: gallen@nebraskarealty.com